Overmont Swim Goggles Anti Fog Wide Vision

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  • Super wide vision : Our swimming goggles are designed with 180-degree peripheral vision so that can broaden your child's horizon under water, The fine elastic and durable head strap can fit your kids head perfectly and Our button release design are easy to adjust.
  • Anti-fog and uv protection:Our swimming goggles use high tech Anti-Fog, Impact-resistant PC lenses which can help protect your eyes from being hurt by UV and bright lights, Convenience for you both indoor and outdoor swimming.
  • No leaking: The specially manufactured Premium silicone material plus the Ergonomic design of the goggles,it offers high degree of comfort and forms a solid seal so you never have to worry about water seeping in or red itchy eyes seeping in or red itchy eyes.
  • Soft and comforttable silicone: Durable swim goggle set and comfy helps you focus under the water.With flexible double silicone frame and gasket, the smart fit can mold to face size; With wide range vision lens, you can surely enjoy a much better clarity lens, you can surely enjoy a much better clarity.