12 Piece Outdoor Cookware Set

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  • High strength - Made by anodic oxidation process, the aluminum metal has a stable protective layer on the surface, and mechanical parts are assembled by and linked with rivets, resistant to high temperature and corrosion, the set is also easy to clean, as it is relatively non-sticking at the bottom.
  • Practical storage - The kettle, the pot and the frying pan are stacked one on top of each other, and then packed in mesh bags, it is easy to carry and compact for your trip.
  • Thermal insulating effect - The design of the non-slippery handle made of thermal insulating plastic material has a good insulation effect and is not hot to use.
  • Safe to use - The water bottle adopts a sharp-nosed design, which effectively prevents hot water from splashing when water is poured out.
  • Easy to store - Equipped with a mesh bag, it can be easily stored and hung on a backpack to save space. The cooking set meets most requirements for outdoor activities.