Titanium Flat Sport Water Bottle Drinkware With Solid Handle Loop

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  • High strength durable pure titanium construction, Ultralight portability Fully biocompatibility, Chemicals leach-free, Allergic-free Storage food and drinks, not easy spoilage, Keep fresh and bacteriostatic Through SGS, FDA product certification agency Corrosion and rust-free, Flavor-free, peace of mind Eco-friendly and Magnetic-free healthy materials Direct heating, Withstand high and low temperatures 2x stronger than aluminum and 45% lighter than steel
  • Oblate ergonomic body construction for easy grip fits most backpack pockets
  • A food-grade sealing silicone ring
  • Sturdy titanium lid with handle-rope ring
  • Geometric shaped lid opens easily, even with gloves
  • Four corner radians enhance the beauty of the bottle


  • 800ml Bottle
  • Size:100*276mm / 3.94*10.87inches
  • Weight:190g / 6.7oz
  • Capacity:800ml / 28fl oz

Package List

  • Titanium Flat Bottle*1
  • Elastic fiber package*1
  • Box Carton*1