Overmont Kayak Paddle

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  • The one-piece shaft is made of super lightweight and hard aluminum without any connection, solid and durable. And it is allowed to be detached as two separated ones to bring more functions, and also easy to carry.
  • The duck palm arc blades help reduce the resistant of getting into water, and pull water with more strength. Double serrated teeth edge design on the blades produces a better diversion effect.
  • The creative water-resistant ring design can effectively prevent the water flowing down along the shaft tube and getting into the boat.
  • The high toughness blades are connected firmly via rivets, never loose or off. And the blades are also available to be adjusted to three angles respectively.
  • The blades are made of PP and fiberglass materials. Meanwhile, the hollow aluminum shaft tube can well keep the paddle float on the water, and easy for picking up if dropping into the water.