Overmont SUP Paddle Board Leash

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  • Flexibility and High Safety: This coiled leash is equipped with a two-direction swiveling ring, stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and rust, this point is essential to prevent belt from twisting and can protect your feet from being tangled.
  • Easy way of fastening: An adjustable neoprene strap fastens your leg with the board in a comfortable way both for men and women.
  • Additional Function: An additional pull ring to unlock the Velcro very easily. It has a small pocket for hiding your key.
  • Reduction of impact: The 10-feet TPU coil eliminates the impact of dragging or hooking by various submerged things such as seaweeds or logs, it helps absorb the force from other matters. The length of the support rope is enough to allow you to switch postures on the surfboard
  • Enough length: The sup leash is made of tough TPU rope of 7mm, enough to support the longest and heaviest surfboards.