5N11 Particulate Filter -Compatible with 5P71, Spray Paint Dust-Proof Anti-Particles

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  • 【Function 】5n11 cotton filter Resist Non-Oily Particles, can be used with 5p71 6001-6006 cartridges , Fits 6200/7502/6800/FF402 Respirator
  • 【Replacement time】 When the filter cotton is damaged, dirty, smelly please leave the contaminated area in time and replace the filter cotton in time,Recommended to replace the cotton after 8 hour of normal use of cotton.
  • 【Protective Face Cover Applicable Scene】Woodworking, Painting, Cleaning,Chipping, Chiseling,Grinding, Laboratories, Furnace Operations, Machining,Masonary, Sanding, Sawing, UV Protection, Pouring/Casting, Welding.
  • 【Warm Attention】filter cannot produce oxygen, and do not use it when the oxygen concentration is lower than 19.5%, It is recommended to use it in the environment containing some non oil-based particles. The effective filtration ≥ 95%.