Overmont Aluminum Snow Shovels

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  • Light Highly resistant material: The shovel's head is made of 5-series aluminum alloy. It is a kind of rust-proof aluminum alloy. And 1.8mm thick aluminum material is enough to meet the daily demand of shoveling snow, sand or mud.
  • Operational handle: The handle is made of 6-series aluminum alloy. It is a heat-resistant reinforced aluminum alloy, more durable. The end of the handle is made of PP material and has anti-slip function. The grip will not make you loosen, and the hand feel is excellent.
  • Anodizing Treatment: Surface with anodizing is stable in coloring, it is high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, excellent metal texture, stain resistance, and good thermal conductivity.
  • Adjustable size: The shovel is adjustable with spring design, the length of the two levels can reach 66-82cm, it can be freely converted to meet different requirement
  • Practical Storage: The shovel can be detached into 3 parts, which greatly saves storage space.