Overmont Sports Mouth Guard/Gum Shield 3 Pack

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  • This mouth protector is only compatible with palate part.
  • This mouth protector can effectively protect your teeth, and prevent injury during contact sports.
  • It can effectively buffer the mandibular joint displacement, and reduce fracture.
  • The mouth protector can reduce the impact to the chin, and prevent fracture.
  • The arc groove design on front part can well fit your palate.
  • Boil and bite for better fitting. 

▶ Material: High quality silica gel
▶ Dimension of storage: approx.7x7cm/2.8x2.8"
▶Weight: approx.25g
▶ Color: White

Suitable for:
  • Guarding the teeth from injury during boxing, MMA, basketball or football competition, contact sports, etc.

How to make the teeth guard fit to your mouth better:
  1. Put the teeth guard into 80℃ water for 20 sec.
  2. Take out the teeth guard and bite it for 20 sec.
  3. Put the bitten guard into cold water to shape it.
  4. If once shaping is failed, just try again, or even cut it to fit better.

Package Includes:
3 x Mouth Guards