Overmont Pocket Hand Chainsaw

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  • CUTTING BLADE ON EVERY SINGLE LINK - 3 Times more teeth than other saws being sold means 3 time faster cutting!
  • PORTABLE SURVIVAL CHAINSAW - features bi-directional self-cleaning style cutting teeth, made of industrial-grade heat-treated steel, that easily tear through wood while cutting on both strokes!
  • TOUGHEST MOST DURABLE SURVIVAL SAW - made of industrial-grade heat treated steel, extra chain length of 26", bi-directional, self-cleaning style cutting teeth.
  • ESSENTIAL EMERGENCY TOOL - This saw is perfect for Fisherman, Outdoors, Emergency gear, Bug out Bag or an ATV and snowmobile.
  • Our saw has heavy duty nylon handles in bright orange color to easily locate anywhere with strong metal brackets. If it ever needs to be re-sharpened, it can easily be done with any regular 3/16 round chainsaw file.
  • Wide application, practical usage, robust construction, easy transportation
  • The 33-tooth stainless steel chain saw (65Mn steel) is such designed that it can develop sawing in two directions.
  • 65Mn steel has high hardness and good elasticity,
  • High durability: 100% stainless steel chain, not easily rusted
  • High quality nylon two-strap bracelets make it an absolutely safe handle on gripping the tool in both hands